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Who we are...
The CLG: Project Pamplona team


We are a group of language graduates from the UK, who met in Lima on our Year Abroad from university. We all participated in the Volunteach Peru programme, and had the opportunity to teach English at a Police Station in Pamplona. The children we taught were fantastic, responsive to our lessons and a joy to be with. 


After the lessons one day, we were taken to Pamplona Alta - we were shown the terrible conditions that the people, the families of our students, were living in. And we decided we needed to help.


We sat down and started drawing up plans and ideas, speaking to the police officers and generally being busy. We came up with a figure of $25,000, to build a 16m x 10m daycare centre in Pamplona Alta, to relieve parents of looking after their children during the daytime so they could go and find work. The centre will provide food for the day, a safe environment in which to play and learn, and jobs for members of the local area! We are including the residents of Pamplona in the building of the daycare, so it can be a true heart of the community.


We are currently working with the Change Live Grow Foundation to make this dream a reality.

Teaching in Pamplona

Every month, Volunteach Peru choose talented volunteers from the UK and USA to teach in schools in various cities in Peru. Whilst in Lima, we were privileged to teach at Pamplona Alta with some of the most inspiring students in the world.

Who we are

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Our Story

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